While reading this series of articles, it will be important to keep in mind that they mainly analyze the American context. Therefore, it is each reader’s responsibility to draw parallels with their own context, to identify similarities and differences, and to discern how these models could be reproduced and adapted on Quebec soil.

Part 4

Which church planting model is best for you? Missional Incarnational Model?

Now, some caveats are needed. I think that all churches should be missional. And, I think that believers should represent Jesus in incarnational ways.

The truth about the Missional Incarnational model is that it comes in all different shapes and sizes. Why? Because it seems everyone wants to be missional—thanks in large part to Princeton theologian and missologist Darrell Guder and those like him. As evidence of the variety within in this model, Craig Van Gelder wrote a book mapping out all the different missional branches.

I would classify […]

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Original author: Ed Stetzer
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