Quebec 101

  • Quebec is the only province in Canada that has French as its exclusive official language. It is described as “a nation within a nation”.

  • 80% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Canada, but 75% comes from Quebec alone! French fries, with cheese curds and gravy is called poutine and is practically an official fast-food delicacy.

  • Many comedy artists come from Quebec and their comedy festivals are internationally renowned.

Quebec 101

However, sadly, in Quebec...

  • We find one of the highest suicide rates in Canada.

  • Abortion is socially approved and tax-funded

  • The traditional family unit is virtually nonexistent

  • Divorce rates are diminishing only because practically nobody gets married anymore (even so, the divorce rates are still high!)

These are indeed worldwide problems, but the people of Quebec (the “québécois”) also have no safe place to reach out.

  • Only 1% of Québec’s population is involved in an evangelical church.

  • They are the largest unreached people group in all of the Americas:

    There is only 1 church for every 106,000 people.

  • In Montreal alone, to reach a ratio of 1 church for every 30,000 people, there would still need to be 50 new church plants.

This is the context in which God has laid on our hearts to serve and it is a privilege to encourage the Church to love its neighbours and make disciples here.

Would you consider praying for Quebec?
Would you consider supporting local churches and ministries that shine with the Gospel in communities that desperately need it?
Would you consider serving with us on the mission field?