Our missionaries

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John Barnard

Responsible for preparing linguistics and francization programs (Fleur de Lys)

The purpose of the school Fleur de Lys is to provide French courses that meet the needs of missionaries and theology students so that they can become actively involved in the French-speaking world, loving others in their language for the kingdom of Christ.

Aaron Murray & Zach Laustsen

Missionaries in Chicoutimi

In October 2018, Aaron and Melissa attended a marriage course at their local church. It was during this course that they were challenged to read the Bible with another couple, Zach and Olive. They decided to take up the challenge and read the Bible together. Over the course of just under two months, they gathered every Sunday afternoon to pray, discuss the Word, and apply it to their lives. It became evident that the Word spoke to them and touched their hearts in the same way. They marveled at the beauty and worth of God in Jesus, became aware of the reality of eternal judgment, and felt the absolute urgency of the Gospel. Conversations about church planting began, searching for a place in Canada that desperately needed churches, and God answered their prayers by showing them Quebec as a spiritually dry mission field.

Grant Nelson

Missionary in Plessisville

Grant will complete the master's program in biblical leadership that he has started with SEMBEQ and wants to continue his discipleship ministry with Connexion Church in Plessisville. He also serves with Mouvement Jeunesse, a ministry of AEBEQ which focuses on young adults who seek to mature in their faith.