Video: On Mission Together

The simplicity of our mandate, when it’s all become too complicated

Over the last few years, in Quebec and other places, the topic of “missional communities” has received a lot of attention. A large amount of ink has been spilt (and even some sweat & tears as well) in discussing the objectives, format, necessity, and even validity of missional communities. Along these lines, we recommend reading Jeff Vandersteldt’s recent thoughts on the matter: Are Missional Communities Just A Passing Fad ?

Living out the divine mandate to “go” as His body is complex and challenging. However, it can be helpful to simply remember the concept’s foundations. Missional communities are people on mission — loving one another and sent together to a group of people who will see our love for one another and how the gospel has changed us. This video provides a simple portrayal of these core components found within missional communities.