On June 28th, we published an article in which Jacob Mathieu answered the following question: How to inspire your Church for mission without making people feel guilty about it ? But we did not know that a week later, a great news would be announced to his Church.

It was Rob Karch, one of Ecclesia’s church planters, who announced it on facebook:

“Grandview Church forgives à $75,000 loan to God’s mission in Québec! What drives their generosity? God’s generosity to them through Christ.”

On July 7, 2019, a $75,000 loan was torn apart at the Ecclésia Evangelical Baptist Church in St-Jérôme, Québec. Not without permission, however. Several years ago, the Grandview Baptist Church of Kitchener Ontario, a partnering church of Ecclésia, lent a sum of money to help with the young church’s building renovations. Grandview followed up with a $107,000 love-offering in January 2018. With the major part of renovations completed, Ecclésia had to repay the $75,000 loan. In their generosity, Grandview announced that it forgave the debt, which was symbolically destroyed at a Sunday service in the presence of a volunteer group from Grandview.

Jacob and David visited Grandview Baptist Church in 2016.

In 2018, a Grandview Baptist Church team spent a week working on the new addition of Ecclesia’s building.

This church generosity is incredible ! Pray that God will inspire more Churches like Grandview Baptist, willing to give time and money to support church planting projects in Québec!