Did you know that for the past 30 years, AEBEQ and SEMBEQ have offered a paid week each year for employees to get involved in God’s mission?

This summer, the Camp des Bouleaux needed help in the musical leadership of a children’s camp. More than 200 children were led in God-pleasing praise thanks to the passion and energy of Annie Dagenais, our communication project manager.

Meanwhile, Maxime Giroux, our graphic designer and multimedia developer, and Sergei Li, our development and partnership manager, both served as program directors for the teen camp at Camp Patmos. For a week, they put aside their work to put their talents as facilitators and organizers to good use and gave 50 teenagers an unforgettable week.

The Église Baptiste Évangélique Emmanuel also held its annual day camp for young children from the neighbourhood and the Church. Nearly 70 children came to have fun and listen to the stimulating Bible stories told by Lise Dionne, our administrative assistant and editor.

Oscar Hernandez, newly appointed director of operations at SEMBEQ, explains the intention behind this opportunity:

“The idea behind ministry week is not only to encourage different organizations and Churches in their missional initiatives… We believe that when employees experience service and mission, they return to work more inspired, further rooted in their missional identity and more aware of our cause.”

“It is a privilege to contribute to God’s mission through summer camps. Each year, I am greatly encouraged in my faith and I see God acting in a tangible way.”
Maxime Giroux, graphic designer and media developer

Together, these four employees served nearly 320 children and youth in a single week. Imagine if more people chose to spend a week in mission during the summer!


If you would also like to spend one missional week in summer, there are many opportunities to take advantage of. Visit the Mouvement Jeunesse website for more details.