While reading this series of articles, it will be important to keep in mind that they mainly analyze the American context. Therefore, it is each reader’s responsibility to draw parallels with their own context, to identify similarities and differences, and to discern how these models could be reproduced and adapted on Quebec soil.

An Introduction to Church Models

Which church planting model is best for you? Multiple options exist, and it can be tough to decide.

We just got another car. Well, truthfully, Donna (my wife) made me get one. To be completely honest, she went and bought it and brought it home and basically said, “You’re getting another car.”

You see, I hate car buying. I hate picking the right make and model. I just want my car to get me from here to there. So, I pick a car model based on the purpose—getting from here to there. And, that’s how we should choose church planting models: based on the mission.

Models of Church Planting

In this blog series, I will cover a total of five current church planting models: Traditional, Launch Big, Missional Incarnational, Organic, and Satellite Campus. In covering each model, I will present the main emphasis/elements/components of each model, the financial costs over the period of the first five years of ministry, the type of contexts that prove to be more fruitful (and unfruitful), the strengths and potential weaknesses, the practitioners, and the available resources helping to describe the model.

Obviously, I am not saying […]

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Original author: Ed Stetzer
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