Every church plant is born from the desire to see the Gospel fulfill a community’s many needs. Its ambition then becomes a common faith project, where each and every person participates wholeheartedly in God’s mission. Christian Lachance, pastor of Mosaïque Community Church for nearly 13 years, shares the vision behind this Quebec City church plant.

Can you tell us about yourself and your journey as a pastor?

I do not come from a Christian family but I met Jesus when I was 18. During my first year as a believer I felt a calling to ministry and enrolled in Bible school. I was a youth pastor for a decade before starting the Mosaïque Community Church in downtown Quebec City in 2005.

How was the Mosaïque Community Church project born?

This project comes from our desire to see a Church that would reach those who were not attending or reluctant to go to church. We wanted to draw in people from all ages and from different backgrounds.

What were the biggest challenges you faced?

The main challenge was to start from scratch and settle in an underprivileged and very unattractive neighbourhood. It took about a year and a half between the moment when we had a vision for the Church and it’s creation. About 30 people worked on the project.

How did you overcome these challenges?

From the start, we saw God at work. He provided financially and with human resources. Because of its vision and mission, the Church attracted people who were willing to invest in the congregation and the community. Very shortly after its establishment, many people came to the Lord.

What exactly is a community church?

Instead of being focused inward, a community church is present and active in its neighborhood. Its reputation is created through its involvement in the community. The Church believes that everyone has a role to play in the congregation, and that people must move beyond being spectators to participants, according to their personalities and unique gifts.

Can you give us examples of how the Church is involved in the community?

From the very beginning, church members began serving in the local soup kitchen. Today, the Church continues to shine in the neighborhood by participating in various projects like maintaining the community garden of a nursing home, organizing Christmas suppers for underprivileged children and planning an annual community BBQ. Over time, we have won the trust of the people in our neighborhood and of the many local community groups we support. We’ve made a name for ourselves and built a good reputation.

Can you explain the meaning of the name of the Mosaïque Community Church?

The name of the Church illustrates that each person is a broken part of humanity, and when we come to the Lord, we become a mosaic that glorifies Him.