Stéphan Tessier

Church planter  |  Beloeil

Stéphan Tessier

Church planter  |  beloeil

Who am I?

My name is Stephan Tessier, and I am married to Nancy. God has richly blessed us by enabling us to adopt our two daughters, Alyssa and Sarah, and our baby boy, Loukas.

I worked for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of the federal government for several years before I felt a call to the ministry in 2007.

Call and Training

I strongly believe that the Church should be a community of believers whose every aspect of life — time, money, work, relationships, etc. — is continually transformed by the Gospel and the mission. A community that firmly believes that the Bible tells us the story of a God whose mission to reconcile the world to himself has become our mission.

After receiving a call to ministry in Christian camps in 2007, Nancy and I served for nine years as directors of ministries and programming at Camp des Bouleaux in the Upper Laurentians. In September 2015, God, in his grace, led us to the Church in Saint-Hyacinthe to be trained as a church planting couple so that we could be part of the church planting team in Beloeil. And thus, by devoting two days a week for five years to my studies, I completed my baccalaureate in theology from SEMBEQ, specializing in church planting.

Goals and Current Projects

Beloeil is a picturesque town located in the heart of the Richelieu Valley, between Saint-Hyacinthe and Montreal. This region’s population of approximately 120,000 has a rather negative perception of the Church and is in great need of the Gospel. People need to see Jesus displayed in the lives of his disciples to be drawn to Christ.

The missionary project in Beloeil started in 2016 with small communities of believers on mission in the city. These missional groups began to bless and love people, offering their time, money, and talents. God has blessed us! Since October 2019, the missionary project has become a growing church planting project.

Our short-term goals are to expand missional groups, develop our Sunday morning service, and train leaders.

The church in Beloeil needs $26,000 a year to carry out its mission and shine in its community. It is looking for four more partners to give $3,400 each to complete its annual support.

Thank you for considering supporting our team to reach the beautiful city of Beloeil with the Gospel.

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