In early summer 2019, Alexandre Losuke found a job as an industrial programmer. While he could have made $8,000 during the summer, he decided instead to sign up for Mouvement Jeunesse. Why? Alex tells us how God touched his heart during Mouvement Jeunesse.

There are many circumstances that led me to participate in MJ (Mouvement Jeunesse). I left my parents’ house, started a new job and had the chance to finally “build my life”. I come from a broken family and this rapidly became evident to my new roommates. I lacked knowledge on how to live and PARTICIPATE in community life with others. Naturally, it also influenced how I lived and/or did not live the realities incurred by my understanding of the local Church and what God wants to do within it.

I had already seen what JBEQ had done in the lives of my two brothers, and I thought to myself: “Wow”. The day has not come when I no longer need to be in contact with people and my Church. There was something there that I could learn from, be truly valuable to me and be useful for my whole life. “At that time, I was convinced that it was worth more than $8 000. And anyway, I can always make money.

See you next year?

If I am able to take vacation time to do MJ again next year, it will definitely be because of relationships. What I found to be a source of injury, God used it to reveal Himself to me. It was also a time when I was able to live in the light of the Gospel. Important work that has been done in myself and next year, I would like to participate in MJ with all that I have learned.

"God, what do you want to do with a heart that wants to obey you even more?"

MJ taught me that living missions is normal, and that it is done in regular, everyday life. I definitely want to be honest and hardworking, but above all I want to build relationships with my colleagues so that I can shine God’s light in their lives. How will this be done in a construction environment of programmers and designers up to their ears in work contracts? I don’t know, but I have faith that God can use me there despite it all.