Laustsen and Murray Family

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Who are we?

Most of you reading this know at least one of us four. We are two families, but we are one family in Christ and therefore one family on mission. We firmly believe that the message of the gospel must be heard, but we also believe that the community formed by the gospel must be seen. For both of these reasons, our families are pursuing ministry together; to spur each other on in the Great Commission of our Lord and to tangibly showcase the unity we share in the family of God. The Murray family — Aaron, Melissa and their two boys, Sawyer and Weston — came to Sioux Lookout, Ontario (don’t worry, we hadn’t heard of it either) four years ago from Southern Ontario. Aaron pastors the children and youth in our local church and Melissa works as a Speech Language Pathologist for the Northwestern Health Unit. The Laustsen family — Zach, Olive and their daughter, Sage — came to Sioux Lookout one year later from Nova Scotia and Zach works as an Air Traffic Specialist for Nav Canada and Olive operates a private ceramics studio from home.

Our call

We don’t often consider the possibility that there are Canadians living next-door who have yet to be reached with the Gospel, yet this is a striking reality for us. Quebec, in particular, is in dire need. The Quebecois are considered to be the most unreached people group in both North and South America with less than 1% claiming Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The Scriptures are clear that Jesus is worthy of the utmost worship from all created things, and that all glory is His alone. He deserves the praise of every soul in Quebec. The Scriptures are also clear that Jesus is the only way of salvation; the only true satisfaction for those that thirst; the only life for dead hearts, and those that have not trusted in Him will enter judgement with the full weight of their sins placed on their own account. The fame of Jesus and the reality of hell: these realities form the “why” of our ministry in Quebec. This spurs us to pray, and in doing so, we are convinced that God is leading our families into this difficult mission field

So, two questions remain: where are we at now? And why are we sharing this with you?

To answer the first, we are in preparation mode. Zach’s work transfer to Mirabel was recently approved so he will be the first to move to Montreal in mid-May to begin his training. The rest of us will follow suit after he qualifies in his new position. In the meantime, 1) we are in the process of establishing a support network of individuals and local churches, 2) we are trying to absorb autant de français que possible and 3) we are establishing logistical plans for this mission’s work. Cultural integration can only truly happen once we are in Montreal and that, along with spiritual formation, will be our primary focus at the outset. We have support in place to achieve this, but for those details, you’ll have to wait for Vol. 2!

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