Jonathan Bédard

Missionary in Québec

Who am I?

My name is Jonathan Bédard and I am 24 years old. I completed my master’s degree in Divinity at Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario in the spring of 2020 with the desire to become a pastor. I currently live in Longueuil and am engaged to Mélodie Gagné. We plan to marry in the summer of 2021.

My calling

It all started in 2011 when I left Québec to live in Ontario. Two years later, at the age of 17, the Lord used my grandfather to reveal Himself to me. During my undergraduate studies at Redeemer University College and Heritage College and Seminary, where I studied mainly theology, I began to feel the call to be a pastor-teacher. The more I served in the church, the more doors the Lord opened. At that time, the Lord put on my heart the desire to pray for Québec.

This led me to develop a growing love for my home province. Its crying need for the gospel, evidenced by the dismal statistics of the small number of believers, constantly haunted me. By God’s providence, I met some pastors from Québec. They offered me an internship in the summer of 2019, which I accepted with great joy. After the internship, I became convinced that God was calling me to move to Longueuil upon completion of my studies. That is how I came back to Québec in March 2020, right at the onset of the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the Lord has a sense of humor. When I left for Ontario in 2011, I never imagined I would come back to Québec. However, as God called Moses to return to Egypt, the Lord reminded me of the place where I grew up. He also had another unexpected plan for my life, as the internship led me to meet an exceptional woman of God to whom I am now engaged.

As a pastor-in-training, my goal is to help replant the Sorel Tracy Church, re-launch the young adult ministry at Église de l’Espoir (Longueuil), as well as living and sharing the gospel in my secular work environment. I also aim to grow through the personalized coaching of an experienced pastor.

It is a great privilege to seek out partners who are eager to team up with me to see the gospel flourish in Québec. These partners, both by their intercession for myself and for Québec and through their financial support, will support me on this mission and allow me to continue to serve in Québec, God willing, for many years. My financial goal to cover this part time ministry (3 days/week) is $21,840.

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